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Episode #4

About structures and the path towards an institution for jazz and improvised music in Berlin

Despite funding structures (grants, project funding, basic funding for ensembles), the situation for jazz and improvised music in Berlin is still fragile. The programs are not not adequately funded with sufficient amounts of money and there is no stable infrastructure for jazz and improvised music, especially in terms of production, research, audience development and communication. There is also a lack of a combined production and presentation venue, especially for large-scale and transdisciplinary projects. For this reason, work has been underway for the past 7 years in Berlin to create an institution for jazz and improvised music. As a joint project of the federal government and the state, this institution should be a widely visible anchor that has the capacity to fill existing gaps.
James Banner talks to Uli Kempendorff and Kathrin Pechlof, who have been supporting this project for years as representatives of the IG Jazz Berlin as part of the group of initiatores (IG Jazz Berlin, Deutsche Jazzunion and Till Brönner).

Host: James Banner
Guests: Uli Kempendorff & Kathrin Pechlof